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Losing Weight After Diabetes Diagnosis can Prevent Diabetes-Related Disease 

Clinical Study Shows Benefits Remain Even If Patients Regain Weight Later 

People who lose weight soon after a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes have better control of their blood pressure and blood sugar, and are more likely to maintain that control even if they regain their weight, according to a Kaiser Permanente study published online in Diabetes Care, the American Diabetes Association journal. 

Most patients remained at about the same weight during the first three years of the study, but a small group of 314 patients lost an average of 23 pounds. This group was more likely to meet blood pressure and glucose targets during the fourth year even though, by that time, most of them had regained their weight. 

"We don't know if the initial weight loss increased the body's sensitivity to insulin, or if the sustained lifestyle changes were the reason for the long-term health benefits," said Gregory A. Nichols, Ph.D., a study co-author at Kaiser Permanente's Centre for Health Research. "But we do know that losing weight reduces the risk factors that often lead to heart disease, blindness, nerve and kidney damage, amputations, etc. in type 2 diabetes patients."  

Weight Loss Tips for People with Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes 

  • Choose whole grains, brown rice and vegetables instead of French fries, white bread and white rice

  • Avoid the hidden calories in processed foods: Eat fresh foods without hidden fats or added sweeteners whenever possible

  • Skip soda and fruit juice: opt instead for sugar-free soda, tomato juice or water, or eat a piece of fruit

  • Don't drink your calories: Except for 1% or non-fat milk, get your calories from foods

  • Establish consistent eating times, including breakfast

  • Write down everything you eat so you avoid mindless eating and control how much you eat, at home and away: a recent Kaiser Permanente study showed that people who keep food diaries lose twice as much weight as those who don't

  • Educate yourself: find a registered dietician or nutrition class – a recent Kaiser Permanente study showed that diabetic patients who had nutritional counselling were about twice as likely to lose weight 

Source: Kaiser Permanente 12 August 2008

Editors Note: Mental exercise is equally important (the mind controls everything) – set aside at least 20 to 30 minutes daily for relaxation, stress relief, meditation – each minute of deep relaxation is like one hour of mind body spirit healing. In other words, it should become the best time in your whole day.

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