Telephone Directory Enquiries

Some telephone directory enquiry service providers are charging 9 per minute per call with 49 charged for call connection charges. If you dial via a mobile phone, you may end up paying even more.

Some providers are charging 19 per minute, minimum charge 1 minute.

Others are charging 30 per minute from landlines with a 25 connection charge - more if you use a mobile phone.

One provider is charging 50 per minute for calls made via your mobile phone.

One.Tel is offering all residential landline and mobile phone customers FREE UK Directory Enquiries until 2004.

Calls from non-registered lines are charged at 35 per call.

B T is offering 10 free searches on a daily basis. To gain an additional 200 free searches a month, you need to register with them.

Another provider is charging 9 per minute, billed per second, with a 49 call charge from most landlines.

If you use a mobile phone, you could end up paying 65 per minute by using one of the providers.

All prices and details are subject to change - it is therefore best to check online regularly to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Competition will increase - some providers will fail, others will succeed by providing good customer service and real value for money.   Copywriters / Business Writers

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