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Broadband allows you to download, upload, or send data at faster speeds than earlier modems.

If you are still using 56K modems, you are not on the super highway anymore - you are in the tortoise lane.

Broadband caters for all tastes

Speed up your current modem by 3 or 10 or 20 or even 40 times. Why wait to download files for 30 minutes when it can be done in a minute?

The prices are now also very reasonable compared to normal Internet connection charges.

There are many advantages to broadband

  • You are always connected and you therefore enjoy instant access to the Internet

  • Fixed fee (not per minute)

  • It frees your telephone line (no more engaged tones for hours)

  • Enjoy rich multimedia offerings that are specially created for broadband users only

As always, shop around for the best prices and terms - and enjoy a whole new experience.


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